On Passion

Our passion for what we do is palpable.

It can be felt in the heft of that one piece of raw wood, painstakingly chosen from a hundred others, and milled in-house to our standards to integrate seamlessly with your home’s design.

You can see it in the subtle elegance of the gentle, hand-planed curve at the base of a railing element that another builder might leave square, just to save time. It is instilled in the custom cabinetry we created because what was available elsewhere wasn’t quite what you had in mind.

And it is evident in the mechanical rooms at the heart of your home that are machined with the precision of a fine automobile.

All of these things, and more, speak to the passion that drives us – and will inspire you.

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Custom Capabilities

From Custom Millwork and Cabinetry to Finishing Facilities and Metalwork, our in-house custom capabilities enable us to create whatever you envision, and ensure that your home truly is exactly what you want it to be.Learn More

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Designed to make your homebuilding process more efficient, and your home ownership more enjoyable, we offer a full-range of Pre-Construction, Project Management and Post-Construction Services.
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Combining deep experience, the latest techniques and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence, we create extraordinary Residential and Commercial Properties here on the East End and across Long Island.Learn More