Green Homebuilding

At Owen Construction, we take a practical approach to Green Homebuilding. For us, using energy efficient materials and construction practices is not only environmentally beneficial, but also enables us to produce a better product – and living experience – for our clients.

From a technical standpoint, the majority of our homes are Energy Star Compliant and are assessed by a licensed HERS Rater. Plus, as a result of our use and advocacy of Geothermal HVAC systems, a remarkable number of Owen Construction homes use no fossil fuels for heating or cooling.

From the earliest stage of development we sheathe your entire home in order to create a virtual ‘thermal envelope’ within its walls. Doing this ensures that no unnecessary air enters or escapes from your interior environment, dramatically lowering energy use over the long term.

As a true custom builder, we recognize that every home presents its own unique opportunities for energy savings. Regardless of design, we are always able to find ways able to substantially lower your energy costs through smart engineering and building techniques.

At Owen, we don’t simply recommend a single solution, but instead will provide you with in-depth heating and air conditioning studies and a full analysis based on your specific project. By taking this approach, together we can make the right decisions that will meet your needs not only for today, but tomorrow as well.

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