At Owen Construction, we think of your home as the sum total of literally thousands of tiny details, each crafted, considered and applied throughout the development process. When done right, all of these details come together seamlessly to create the environment which you call home.

Ask yourself, how does your home feel? Is it solid? Quiet? Are the finishes appropriately smooth, or rough? Are there no drafts, creaks or gaps? Does everything slide easily, or open and close effortlessly?

Going further, is your home’s foundation, basement and attic as finely constructed as those areas that you see every day? Are your mechanical rooms perfect? Is the heart of your home – the components that make up your electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems – as clean, level and finished as the millwork in your living areas?

We believe that they should be. And in an Owen-built home, they are.

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From classic shingle-style to high-concept modern, our commitment to uncompromised quality and attention to detail remains constant. And our commitment to total client satisfaction guides everything we do.
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Professional office buildings, country clubs, restaurants and inns all profit from the very same attention to quality and detail that has been our hallmark for nearly a quarter-century.Learn More

Custom Capabilities

From Custom Millwork and Cabinetry to Finishing Facilities and Metalwork, our in-house custom capabilities enable us to create whatever you envision, and ensure that your home truly is exactly what you want it to be.Learn More