Residential Work

From the street, every house looks about the same. But at Owen Construction, we recognize that the true measure of a home lies not only in how it looks on the outside but just as importantly, how it feels to live in.

Does every element feel solid? Do doors, cabinets and windows close smoothly – and silently? Is everything level, and joined without gaps? Is the millwork uniformly perfect?

We think it should be.

And when it’s an Owen-built home, it is.


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Classic Shingle-Style

Authentic Shingle Style homes are actually quite complex. To successfully create this style requires the highest level of craftsmanship and a builder who truly appreciates their depth and complexity.
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Hybrid Modern-Classic

Combining the timeless grace of a traditional shingle-style exterior with the style and amenities of a modern interior space, the Hybrid Modern-Classic presents a smart option that retains high investment value yet offers future flexibility as tastes and styles evolve.
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Modern / Post-Modern

Although Modern and Post-Modern architectural styles allow for nearly unlimited personal expression, they also present a host of considerable technical challenges. Fortunately, Owen Construction has the experience to meet them.Learn More