Classic Shingle-Style

Because of their popularity, people sometimes think that Shingle Style homes are fairly simple to build. If you look a little closer, we think you’ll find that they’re actually quite complex.

Take a moment to consider a Shingle Style home the way a builder or architect might see it. You’ll notice asymmetrical features and multiple rooflines that tie together irregular architectural elements. This ‘massing’ technique adds additional joints and stressors to the home’s structure that a good builder must account for.

Look further, and you’ll notice broad gabled facades, towers, bay windows and porches – disparate elements that still demand a sense of continuity in both surface material and style. And on the inside where you actually live, the fit, finish and feel of fine custom millwork, coffered ceilings, built-ins and amenities is what sets an authentic shingle style home apart from all others.

If you are considering building this type of home, take an afternoon and meet with us. Let us walk you through an Owen-built home so that you can better understand why working with a builder who truly appreciates the depth of this style can make all the difference in your enjoyment for years to come.

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Hybrid Modern-Classic

Combining the timeless grace of a traditional shingle-style exterior with the style and amenities of a modern interior space, the Hybrid Modern-Classic presents a smart option that retains high investment value yet offers future flexibility as tastes and styles evolve.
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Modern / Post-Modern

Although Modern and Post-Modern architectural styles allow for nearly unlimited personal expression, they also present a host of considerable technical challenges. Fortunately, Owen Construction has the expereince to meet them.Learn More


At Owen Construction, we don’t think of your home as a single thing. Instead, we know it to be the sum total of literally thousands of tiny details, each carefully crafted and considered.Learn More