Project Management

Our project management services are designed to efficiently manage every aspect of even the most complex projects while keeping our clients engaged and at ease throughout the process.

At Owen, we take a structured team approach that ensures all project milestones are reached on budget, and on time. We hold weekly progress meetings to ensure that all key team members are up to date on each project, and able to communicate this information to our clients as requested.

In addition, we use sophisticated project management software that integrates and accounts for every element of your homebuilding project in minute detail. This enables us to provide our clients with a clear, visual understanding of their project’s progress at any time. It also gives us the flexibility to better accommodate changes, maintain optimal cost efficiencies and most effectively manage the project timeline.

Our Promise. You will be proud to arrive, unannounced – and at any time – on any of our construction sites. You will be greeted, treated respectfully and will find the site to be clean, quiet, disciplined and efficient. That, is our guarantee. And the mark of a well-managed project.


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